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Imagine waking up & going outside to get your morning paper and find out that your yard has been invaded during the middle of the night while you were sleeping with a yard full of pink flamingos, smiley faces, cows or hearts!  If your birthday is one of those “Over-the-Hill”  years, then you might find a yard full of road signs filled with sayings, for let's say ..... the aged,  . If you are old enough to be an "Old Buzzard"  you might find a yard full of buzzards or road signs with funny sayings such as such as "Old Person Xing" or "Age Bump Ahead" !

Your first instinct will probably be to say "What in the world is this?"  Then you see the 4 foot message board with a personal message letting the world know of your special occasion!  You have to just smile & laugh (because everyone else is)!  In the "yard card" industry you have just been what is called "Flocked" by someone who cares for you!  But don't worry with every "flocking" a bag is left on your door,  with a personal postcard that contains a special message from the person who "flocked" you, but you will also get a revenge discount coupon that you can use later to remind them of their special day!  When the sun begins to set, our "critters" and signs will quietly slip away just as quiet as they came, but still leaving the smile on your face.  



































    Having a Baby?


We offer 7 foot Storks to help welcome home your new baby!  We offer 5 & 7 day rentals for birth announcements.  Each stork rental includes a baby bundle that lets everyone know it's a boy or a girl.   

Madison Yard Surprises is a Christian based owned company.  We will not do what we feel is a mean spirited display or any such messages on our boards or cards.  If you would not send it to your Mama, don't ask us to send it to someone else either!

We would love to help bring a smile to someone you love! Take a look around our site and be sure to let us know if we can help you!  Be sure to check back soon, we have more "critters" planned!


God Bless!